Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gift Tips for the Bookish:
Toys Action Figures Collectible Figurines

Okay, if you're still shopping for Valentine's Day gifts at this point, you're either a super-devoted lover looking for the absolute perfect gift...or you're a procrastinating punk undeserving of love. Either way, we've got a few new book-related gift ideas, this time for the child in all of us. (Well, the Richie Rich-ish child in all of us. Just wait 'til you see the prices on some of these things!)

Homemade Mark Twain figure $50.00
Hand made Edgar Allan Poe-t Doll $175.00

Where The Wild Things Are bobble heads $11.99 each
Horton Hears A Who 9" vinyl figure $59.99

Hunter S. Thompson's Dr. Gonzo figure $80.00
Alice In Wonderland 4 figure set $38.99

Special thanks to Super Punch for 3 of the links!