Thursday, March 26, 2009

Skylight Books Done Did It Again

Los Feliz' premier indie bookstore, Skylight Books, makes me jealous. It's not their well-stocked and eclectically arranged bookshelves. And it's not their timber ceiling, or the natural lighting, or the tree that grows in the center of their store. Hell, it's not even their close proximity to my cross-country sister, Caroline (although I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell her that). No, it's their unerring knack for thinking up interesting and unusual ways to display books. (Do you remember their ongoing Corpus Libris project? That sh*t is brilliant, and I'm still steaming over the fact that I didn't think of it first.) Well, Skylight Books has done it again, this time with an endcap display devoted solely to books featuring Converse Chuck Taylors. Simple yet memorable, engaging and endearing. These are the hallmarks of an effective endcap, y'all.
Go, look!

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