Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers:
Your Book Is Written. Now What?

Option I
You can YouTube! Storytellers Unplugged has tips for turning your book into a trailer.

Option II
Axe that prologue! Daily Writing Tips provides three reasons to ditch the damned thing.

Option III
Mosey 'round the internet! The Creative Penn put together 99 brilliant writing and book links.

Option IV
Put your paltry stimulus check towards promotion! Joanna Campbell has 50 things under $50 you can do to promote your book.

Option V
Start rewriting! If you're scared you'll sully your classic, The Abbeville Manual suggests you start by editing someone else's. Follow this link to read their rewrite of The Lord's Prayer.

Option VI
Face reality! There are more would-be authors now than ever before. Did you really think that your book would be picked from the millions of manuscripts making their way across the desks of NYC's most jaded agents and risk-averse publishers? Dream on! Still, you wrote a book. That's no small feat. Most folks only talk about writing a novel. You did it. So why not go out on a high note? If you really want to ensure that your magnum opus gets read, make it your last wish that everyone who attends your funeral has to read your book. You'd be surprised how far grief and guilt will go towards guaranteeing you an audience.