Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recently Blogged Bookstore Experiences:
The Good, The Sad, and The Ugly

The 'Good' comes care of The Inside Flap. It's the sweet, brief tale of a man finding an out-of-print book in a small, non-profit bookstore -- the charming sort of place that actually hangs a sign saying, "We're not for profit, please don't steal from us!"

The 'Sad' is brought to you by Comic Book Resources, and this one's told from the shopkeeper's perspective. It's about the weird relationships that evolve between clerks and their longtime customers. While normally I'd make some sort of snide joke, this story is just too damned depressing. (Enjoy!)

The 'Ugly' comes from the Booksellers Global Union #666. It's a LiveJournal group dedicated to documenting the autobiographical b*tchings of those of us in the bookselling business. Here, you and your fellow wage-slaves are welcome to share your worst experiences, vent about annoying customers, and list the stupidest questions you were asked today. It's one of my daily blog-stops, and one of the 'internet ideas' I'm most jealous of.