Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adaptation News
(for those of you who just like to watch)

My gift to you: The trailer for The Pacific, HBO's East Coast follow-up to the jaw-droppingly great WW2 mini-series, Band of Brothers. As the new series doesn't air until 2010, you have more than enough time to check out the books that inspired it: With the Old Breed by Eugene Sledge and Hamlet for My Pillow by Robert Leckie.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt's gift to you: A 23 minute film version of Elmore Leonard's short story, Sparks. The film stars the voluptuously bodied, cupie doll-faced, Carla Gugino. Here's a bit of trivia for the trainspotters out there: Gordon-Levitt recently starred in the full-length Leonard adaptation, Killshot, while Gugino did an entire TV season as Out of Sight's female protagonist, Karen Sisco. That's pedigree, y'all! Sparks' teensy, tiny trailer can be viewed here.