Monday, June 22, 2009

Book News, In Brief

On a controversy-courting scale ranging from 'Lady Gaga music video' to 'FOX News pundit discussing affirmative action,' I'd rank The Guardian UK's recent blog post, Can Women Write About Sex?, smack dab in the middle.

Entertainment Weekly gets all catty as they chart The 14 Worst Celebrity Memoir Titles. While I agree with their inclusion of Roger Moore's pretentious pun, My Word Is Bond, I think that RuPual's Lettin It All Hang Out is actually pretty funny. And true.

Speaking of catty, what sort of cantankerous a**hole complains about the curating at The Anne Frank Museum? Me! In a move that can only be accompanied by an exaggerated, "Finally!" the Netherlands' Anne Frank House Museum has -- at long last -- decided to permanently display Frank's actual diary. Quick question: What, if not the diary, have they been charging tourists to look at all this time?

J.D. Salinger is in need of a li'l positive PR. Earlier this month, the agoraphobic author found himself in the unpopular position of trying to copyright his character,* Holden Caulfield. Then, this past weekend, The NYTimes ran an article claiming that today's young readers find the Catcher In The Rye protagonist to be a preppy b*tch. Can't a brother catch a break?
*In the age of anti-DRM and pro-re-mixing, no less! WWCDD? What would Cory Doctorow do?