Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Carrie Prejean -- the former Miss California & current anti-gay marriage mouthpiece -- has garnered herself a book deal, proving that closed minds do occasionally open books.

Malaysia -- home of pineapple, palm oil, and bookstores where the books come wrapped in plastic. (FWIW, I'm writing this from America -- home of apple pie, peanut oil, and grandmothers' couches wrapped in plastic.)

I don't know if this marks the start of an anti-anti-corporate movement, or if the New York Times was just so hard up for news that they thought stating the obvious would somehow suffice: When Big-Box Stores Smile on a Book, Sleepy Titles Can Become Best Sellers.

A day after Barnes & Noble announced their entry into the e-book business, their stock price fell 70 cents (or a little over 3%) to $21.41. Although the publishing industry sees electronic libraries as their next big cash cow, the rest of the world seems to view this as just a bunch of bull.