Friday, July 24, 2009

Things That Make You Go, "Ew!"

Moriah Jovan's Concept for "The Perfect Bookstore."

A simplistic mix of 2001 minimalism and McDonald's showmanship, Moriah Jovan envisions a bookstore made up of nothing more than two Espresso book machines and a small wall featuring e-books. While this sterile, impersonal brand of instant gratification is already the norm in the sleek and sexy world of bus station vending machine banks, I'm not so sure John and Jane Q. Public are gonna be willing to use this as a book buying option more than, say, once. I mean, after the gimmicky thrill of getting a book made-to-order has worn off ( -- and seriously, don't you think that this thrill is gonna wear off approximately 5-10 minutes into the best case scenario 15-20 minute wait time?), why would they bother coming back to buy a second book this way? I mean, if they're the type of consumer who puts speed and price above personal interaction, a quality looking product, and actually being able to read the first couple pages of the book they're considering buying, why the hell wouldn't they just stay at home and download the e-book -- for free?

Alright, so that's this jerk's knee-jerk reaction to Jovan's McBookstore 3000. What's yours?