Friday, August 21, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Barnes & Noble's 2nd quarter earnings fell 27% -- and they're spinning this as good news!

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, owning a bookstore is The New Urban Dream. Lest the nightmarish realities of retail shake anyone from their slumber, the Sun-Times has kindly cobbled together an overly optimistic lullaby made up of shopworn 'Shop Locally' cliches.

The web site of the American Library Association proclaims, "Policies should not unjustly exclude materials and resources even if they are offensive to the librarian or the user." So why are more and more libraries restricting access to certain books?

Mayme Clayton spent her life scouring yard sales and used bookstores, collecting and cataloging hundreds of thousands of rare and important bits of Black history. Now her son is working to open a library that will house it all -- The Mayme A. Clayton Library & Museum of African American History & Culture. What have you done for your mom lately?