Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Most Inconsequential 'Book News' You're Likely To Read Today

A survey of fantasy cover art* revealed swords to be the genre's most popular and enduring motif. This news comes as an unwelcome shock to those folks still reeling over the recent revelation that the most iconic image in Sci-Fi cover art was spaceships and that 9 out of 10 LOLCat books feature (gasp!) kittens.
*Christ, how much did they have to pay the aesthetic masochist hired to do that job?

The Johnson County Library in Kansas was given the advertising campaign of a lifetime when the mad men (and women!) of the Barkley Advertising Agency redesigned four of the library's courier trucks to resemble the delivery trucks of some of literature's most famous characters. To behold the beauty of Captain Ahab's Seafood, Kafka's Pest Control, Benjamin Button's Diaper Service, and a two-sided Dr. Jeckyll/Hr. Hyde's Pharmacy truck, click here. Via: Super Punch.

Allow me to direct all "ballers" and "shot callers" towards AbeBooks' list of The Top 10 Most Expensive Trilogies Sold by AbeBooks. While it might seem strange for a bookstore to steer its clientele to the site of a competitor, I feel that in this case, we're at no risk of losing any potential sales. After all, we just sold out of our $5,000 copies of Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy this morning.