Friday, September 11, 2009

Book News, In Brief

It's similar to the ol' chicken and the egg conundrum, only it's creativity and craziness.

You know your e-reader is in trouble when a physically frail vegan publicly mocks you without any fear of reprisal. Or: Yo, Amazon -- Steve Jobs laughs at your Kindle!

Sci-Fi is a genre with unlimited real world resonance. Not only can it keep kids celibate well into middle-age, but according to IO9, it holds the 10 secrets for rescuing our climate.

Aaron's Books has put out a plea to indie bookstores: Come Clean About Romance! In addition to making embarrassing admissions of aesthetic iffiness, they've detailed the dollars to be made with soft core softcovers. Via.

Curious what vampire fangs do to silicon implants? October's issue of Playboy will feature an eight page, heavily airbrushed, True Blood/Twilight-inspired pictorial. A question for our kinkier commenters: Does Hef usually theme entire issues around passing trends, or is this the first full-on bandwagon jump since the bald-is-the-new-black sculpting of Playmates' pubes?