Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers

Self-Publishing: Great Idea... or Worst Idea Ever? Pimp My Novel debates.

If You Give A Girl A Pen nixes the negatives, listing Some Do's for Writing, while leaving out the Don'ts.

Kill two birds with one stone -- edit while you write. Copyblogger covers this concept in a piece titled, How To Write With A Knife.

Although the bad ones are always more memorable, I'm still gonna point you in the direction of The Writer's Community's How to Craft a Great Metaphor.

Charles Baxter's author photo makes him out to be a mopey s.o.b., but dude does deliver a do-right list of 5 Questions You Can Ask Yourself About Your Story. Via.

Sometime between writing your magnum opus and sending it out to the hundreds of thousands of salivating agents, editors and publishers, you're gonna have to learn how to format a manuscript.