Monday, September 28, 2009

Go, Look:
Vroman's Interesting Take on Bob Stein's Sorta Interesting Take on the Publishing Industry's Hypothetical Future

The title of this 'Go, Look' is a Mick Jagger-sized mouthful, yet it doesn't even begin to hint at the cool ideas Vroman's "internet guy," Patrick, presents in his piece, Branding: The Future of Publishing? You want to read about Amazon's efforts to disconnect books from their publishers? It's in there. Howzabout a Criterion-esque approach to bookstore shelving? That, too. And then there's the three things that publishers do that no author can do no his or her own. What, you think I'd tease you with something like that if it wasn't in there? Just how little do you think of me as a link-blogger?
This is a must-read for bookstore owners and the over-educated minions they underpay.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Go, look!