Friday, October 2, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Elmore Leonard, author of 43 novels and my favorite fiction writer, is going to be presented with the PEN USA lifetime achievement award -- his second lifetime achievement award this year!

The Independent takes the road less traveled, covering a current pop culture phenomenon in an honest-to-goodness interesting way: Understanding Swedish society through Stieg Larsson's popular fiction. Via.

Over on the #NEIBA Twitter thread, sales rep Ann Kingman has passed on the following depressing factoid from Bloomsbury publisher George Gibson: Most $27 hardcovers w/ $50,000 advance will lose money. (Note: She's got good news, too!)

A small ray of sunlight for fans of the recently deceased author, E. Lynn Harris: St. Martin’s Press has decided to publish Harris' last novel, In My Father’s House: The Chronicle of Bentley L. Dean, next July, despite the fact that it was book one in a proposed three book series.

Did you ever wonder why Amazon was so apologetic about the disappearing Orwell e-books fiasco, but not apologetic at all over their anti-gay "glitch"? Cuz they knew that they were gonna be vulnerable to lawsuits like this. As with Biggie, when it comes to Bezos, it's all about the Benjamins.