Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adaptation News
(cuz books is fer nerdz!)

IO9 has 6 clips from Wes Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

It's funny because it's true: Movieline's When Werewolves Go Wrong: 9 Awkward Images From the First New Moon Clip.

'Mumblecore' actor Joshua Leonard will make his directing debut with The Lie, based on a T.C. Boyle short story that originally ran in the New Yorker.

The BBC is developing a TV comedy-drama (what industry folks retardedly refer to as a "dramedy") based on Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently detective novels. has more.

Remember when I said that I was through posting Where The Wild Things Are links? I lied. Click here to see storyboard art from the film and to read an interview with the artist. (Oh, and as an added bonus, the same guy is doing storyboard art for Kenneth Branagh's upcoming adaptation of Thor, and he's got a couple tid-bits on that, too.)

Updated! More Thor news. Unsubstantiated rumor has it that Jude Law and Robert DeNiro have joined the cast. Yeah, I couldn't care less, either.

Doubly updated! Yet another WTWTA link. Trust me, though -- this one's a great one. Vanity Fair visited Jim Henson's Creature Workshop, where they got a guided tour of how the Wild Things were made. Hmn...I wonder if the Creature Shop is looking for a blogger...