Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scandalous Book News, In Brief

Wow, I bet no one saw this coming: Christian groups complain about R. Crumb's Genesis.

I wonder what those same moral guardians would think of this bookstore's unintentionally obscene name?

In other self-righteous reading news, the Dragon Ball manga series has been removed from all Wicomico County school libraries because of its ├╝ber-cartoony depictions of nudity and violence, and because it doesn't meet the county's vague "graphic novels with appropriate content can be a useful tool in encouraging reluctant readers to pick up a book and read" criteria. Don't worry, though -- they still carry all four Twilight books!

The CBC has a must-read article about an odd Ottawa art exhibition. The exhibit's theme? 'The Martyrdom of Famous Canadian Icons.' For a hint at how Green Gables' Anne Shirley fares, allow me to quote from the above photo's original caption: "The Martyrdom of St. Anne by Diana Thorneycraft features an Anne doll carrying plasticine representations of her breasts on a platter." To read the rest, click here.