Friday, October 30, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Publishers Weekly has announced their Top 10 Books of 2009, and guess what? It's a sausage party!

In his new autobiography, Open, tennis legend Andre Agassi admits to using crystal meth, but remains suspiciously silent regarding his 80s hair.
Update: Turns out, Agassi does address the hair. It was a wig!

Remember when I linked to that sanctimonious sensitive author's op-ed piece accusing modern crime fiction of misogyny? Well, The Guardian UK has posted a rebuttal.

And another update: Remember when I posted that link to the online petition urging Scholastic to include gay-friendly books in their school book fairs? Well, they've agreed -- to one book.

I hope you left some space in your Sarah Palin window display. A former aide to the Alaskan A-lister is rushing to write an anti-Palin tell-all, and you'd better believe that there are more in the pipeline.