Monday, October 26, 2009

Chickensh*t Book News, In Brief

Worried that the Amazon/Wal-Mart/Target price wars will prove a death knell to many indie booksellers, the ABA has announced, "No fair! I'm tellin'!"

Scared that the many e-readers flooding the market this year will curb the current, unsubstantiated 'success' of their Kindle, Amazon will soon be offering free software apps for both PCs and Macs.

Nervous that their combination ostrich approach/let's think positive PR was no longer cutting it in the real world, the publishing industry has decided to try and go for the public's pity when dealing with e-books and e-book piracy. Hence, analysts and their analysis.

Frightened that a small breach in copyright will open the floodgates to, say, an unauthorized lexicon, the lawyers in charge of protecting the Harry Potter(c) brand have put the kibosh on a "one-off" (and yet twice a year for the past few years) Harry Potter(c)-themed Halloween dinner party.