Monday, November 23, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Nice Girls Do author Sarah Duncan says 'Enough with the Bad Sex Awards -- where's the squishy, squashy, interlocking Good Sex Trophies?!'

Local guy makes good. Providence poet Keith Waldrop won a National Book Award for Transcendental Studies: A Trilogy. To hear the bearded bard read some of his work, click here.

What happens when your thinly-veiled memoir makes headlines for being a, well, thinly veiled memoir? The Australian explores the inevitable emotional outfall.

A Latino-centric poetry series at East Harlem's El Museo del Barrio is causing a bit of controversy over its title: Spic Up/Speak Out. The naysayers label it "a complete lack of consciousness," while the yea-sayers say, "You do not want to fall into this dogma where all Puerto Rican or Latino writers have to be serious. [...] This can be a moment of reflection."

Every bookseller I've talked to has a secret bookstore backup plan. You know, for when Amazon puts the shop you're currently working at out of business, this is the place you plan to apply to next. For me, it's always been a 50/50 toss-up between Los Feliz' Skylight Books and Boston's Comicopia. But this article in The Morning Call has me contemplating a third option, this one a PA bookstore that serves as a fully-functional front for a South Bethlehem speakeasy!