Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gift Tips for the (Comic)Bookish:
Criterion Prints

Over the last few years, the universe's premier dvd company, Criterion, has been commissioning some of my favorite comic book artists to do covers for their releases. Last December, as if answering a silent prayer by an alternate reality's non-atheistic me, Criterion began selling this artwork as limited edition, giclée prints. If your (comic)bookish friend or family member has ever expressed their adoration for any of these artists, buying them one of these prints is guaranteed to make them your b*tch.
(And really, isn't making b*tches what the holidays are all about?)

Cover to Robinson Crusoe on Mars.
Art by Bill "Stray Toasters" Seinkiewicz.

Covers to The Madmen and Monsters Collection. Art by Darwyn "DC: The New Frontier" Cooke.

Cover to Divorce Italian Style. Art by Jaime "Love and Rockets" Hernandez.