Friday, December 11, 2009

Inkwell Irregulars, Assemble!

Here's an easy post: A list of links to bookish blog posts made by our Inkwell Irregulars. Not only does it save me the time of sorting through an unwieldy assembly of AP articles featuring the words 'book,' 'publisher,' and 'bookstore,' it links you (our beloved blog reader) to them (our other beloved blog readers). Incestuous? Sort of. But this is a cult -- that sort of thing is par for the course.

Rachel Stark is a sick sadist who wants to see your kids cry. Why else would she be trying to figure out How Sad is Too Sad in Children's Books?

While the Northeast is busy b*tching about the first snow of the season, Brandy Lee takes the polar opposite approach, highlighting her favorite books with snow in the title.

While we're on the subject of seasonal lit, allow me to point you towards See Heather Write's mini-post highlighting holiday-themed excerpts from a few of her favorite authors.

Pol Culture's Robert Stanley Martin has taken on a Herculean task. He's translating Dante's Divine Comedy, complete with links to applicable illustrations and annotations. And you're doing what? Making Christmas cookies?

Speaking of over-achievers, I Love Rob Liefeld's Sandy has been compiling various 'Best Comics Of' lists from across the internet, aggregating them into lists of The top 50 comics of 2005, The top 50 comic of '06, The top 50 comics of '07, and The top 50 comics of '08 -- with The top 50 comics of '09 soon to follow.

Well, that's it for today. If'n you'd like to join our slowly expanding band of backwoods, book-loving belligerents, click here. All we ask is your life-long devotion, adoration, and a firstborn or two.