Monday, January 14, 2008

Book News, In Brief

According to The Prince George Citizen, the process of adapting a book to film is "a kind of demolition job." Click their link (above) to hear the demolition crews behind the recent adaptations of The Kite Runner, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Atonement discuss their destructive craft.

Via The Canadian government is cracking down on the hateful diatribes of right wing extremists. Sounds good, right? Wrong! The real issue here isn't your liberal guilt and NPR-ispired ideals. It's free-motherf**king-speech. "For those unable to think past the (well-deserved) animosity one has for the specific targets in question here, all one needs to do instead is imagine these proceedings directed at opinions and groups that one likes."

This weekend's papers were brimming with articles encouraging self-publishing. Read them here, be inspired, but please -- PUH-LEEZE -- do not then bring a box of your print-on-demand tomes round to our store, trying to unload them en masse. Truth be told, it's the rare self-published work that actually sells.
(Editor's note to you, our faithful reader/writer: This post was in no way referring to your book. We were -- of course -- talking about everyone else's. Your book is going to be great. A real success. Poorly edited, but totally profound. We promise.)