Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend Links
(updated at random until Sunday at midnight)

The Perfume Shrine interviews NYTimes perfume critic/The Emperor of Scent and The Perfect Scent author Chandler Burr. I'll admit, I don't know doo-doo about perfumes (the closest I come to wearing one is the 'Mountain Rush' scent of my anti-perspirant), but I've gotta tell you, this is one interesting and informative back and forth. It made me start to look at the creation of perfume as an artform equal to writing, painting or film. (It also made me switch deodorants.) Part 1, Part 2

Jim Murdoch has a good piece up on his blog about 'close reading.' It's brief, but it mines a lot of territory. It starts with Oprah, moves on to Nabokov, touches down upon Finnegans Wake, name drops, ending at last with a poem about reading and self-examination. At the very least, it's worth a quick skim.

Sunday comics! Sunday comics!
Well, comics-related links, anyhow.
Over at, there's a mini-memoir penned by one of the film's street scene extras. He's effusive to the point of being unreliable, but at least he doesn't refer to himself as a "background player."

Qubecor, Canada's premier printer of American made comics, is having some serious financial problems. Will they file for bankruptcy, close up shop, or receive a large cash loan from a mysterious Gotham benefactor? French-speaking fans of costumed crusaders want to know.