Thursday, January 17, 2008

How Does A Bookstore Blog Bounce Back After Posting A Picture-less Period Piece With Extremely Limited Appeal?

With a post about porn, naturally.
Via "Even in the porn industry, Black folks get the short end of the stick. Okay, that was corny. But author and journalist Lawrence Ross decided to explore the reality of black folks working in the adult entertainment world in his new book Money Shot: Wild Days And Lonely Nights Inside The Black Porn Industry.
Ross, who is also the author of The Divine Nine: The History Of African-American Fraternities And Sororities, follows a year in the life of porn star Lexington Steele to provide a narrative framework for the book. Now I haven't seen Mr. Steele in action, but apparently, his eleven-inch penis has earned him the right to request $75,000 per movie.
Talk about using what you got.
Ross also conducted hundreds of interviews with college professors, industry insiders, and other porn stars to provide a first-hand look at a world that many of us don't know much about. Money Shot uncovers sexual and racial politics--including racism, and the hypersexual portrayal of Black women, discusses how AIDS plays a role, and looks at the close ties between the porn industry and the corporate hip-hop world."
(For the full article, click here.)