Friday, February 1, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Fellow blogger/better writer, Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo of The Written Nerd, recently won a $15,000 prize from the Brooklyn Public Library to open her own bookstore in Brooklyn. We're so happy for her, we're gonna refrain from making any jealous jibes.

This chick, on the other hand, I was gonna make loads of jokes about, but then Inkwell Michelle warned me that when you make fun of one religious zealot, you welcome the wrath of millions. Not that I personally care whether or not we get a bunch of hate mail in the comments section (most days we're desperate for any comments at all), but our server sucka, and if even one stadium sized congregation decided to shower us with a plague of cyberspam, we'd be royally righteously f**ked .

Special Update to Yesterday's E-Book News!

Less than a month after Steve Jobs called the Kindle "irrelevant," has dumped $300 million into Audible, a seller of audio books that has a close relationship with Apple. But will this be enough to quell tensions between the two media monoliths? According to analysts, no. Apparently, Jobs and co. are still smarting over's radical redesign of their website this past September. The main purpose of this redesign was to establish Amazon as Apple's main competition for online music sales. Some billionaires can be so touchy.