Saturday, February 2, 2008

Book-To-Film News, In Brief

Via Guardian UK: France aims to conquer Europe with big-budget Astérix film. "It is the most expensive French film ever made, a live-action version of Astérix augmented by a cast of instantly recognisable Europeans, from Gérard Depardieu to Michael Schumacher." But..."At the premiere, there were hundreds of people and not a single person laughed throughout the screening," said a critic who wished to remain anonymous." Sacre bleu!

Via  "British horror master Clive Barker is taking his tales of terror to the big screen again. Matador Pictures and Barker's Midnight Picture Show shingle are teaming to adapt what is planned as the first in a series of films based on the horror author/filmmaker's fiction collection Books of Blood."

Via "Here's the big mystery of Pittsburgh: How did this movie manage to be so completely terrible? Based on a novel by Michael Chabon, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh may end up being a serious contender for worst of (the Sundance Film Festival)."

Also via "I have a soft spot for society in a microcosm stories, ones where a small group of people stand in for the rest of us, and where we see social and political ripples going through them. Think Lord of the Flies, or Das Experiment. The Wave is another film in that tradition, based on a supposedly true story but of course gussied up a bit in the name of dramatic license. The real experiment, in which a teacher tried to explain fascism to his high school class by implementing it, happen in Palo Alto California in 1967; The Wave is set in Germany in the modern day, and the change of location offers a brand new layer of depth and meaning. Sadly, the film insists on smashing the audience over the head with that meaning."