Monday, June 9, 2008

Book News, In Brief

A new book titled When Good People Have Affairs claims that an affair could actually save your marriage. Note to readers: If you catch your mate clicking the previous link, you might want to consider couples counseling.

If you'd been busily writing a Hilary book, you might want to invest in some White Out. According to the AP, from now 'til the election, Obama books will be the public's preference. A wide variety of works about Senator are planned for the summer and fall -- everything from children's stories and photographs to attacks from both the left and the right.

A sign o' the times, care of The New York Times: A few years ago, when the housing market was white-hot, companies that publish how-to books were tripping over themselves to pump out titles about buying property and making money in the real estate business. Now that the bottom has fallen out of the housing market, the opposite is true: publishers are updating their backlist titles as well as rushing out newly acquired manuscripts to advise consumers who may have stumbled in the housing game.

And now the Top 10 Bestseller Lists (well, the links to them): HC Fiction, HC Nonfiction, Manga and E-book.