Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Author Susan King (I'm the King of the Castle) blogs about the lies that lay beneath an author's book sale boasts. Now you'll have some ammo to sling at that pretentious and demanding author acting like an ass at their next in-store appearance.

Via The Tennessean.com:
'Bawdy' Bible Shows Good Book's Naughty Side
Examine Bible stories top to bottom - particularly the "bottoms" - and you will find a blue vein of sexual and scatological humor not-so-hidden in the verses, say two scholars of Hebrew Scriptures and an evangelical satire writer. Their new book, "The Uncensored Bible: The Bawdy and Naughty Bits of the Good Book," in stores this week, raises such questions as "Which "bone' was Eve made from?" Or whether, in the Book of Judges, a king's assassin escapes through a latrine in a tale laden with euphemisms for feces.

Chuck Norris jokes on the internet are as played out as complaining about prices at the gas pump. In light of this, I'll just stick to the facts: Norris has dropped his lawsuit against the kid who wrote 'the book of mythical facts' about him.

For smart, barbed comics reviews, head on over to The Factual Opinion. Writers Nina and Tucker Stone must have balls the size of Brian Micheal Bendis' word balloons, offering up such controversial true-isms as: "that's what (the newest issue of) American Splendor reminded me of: bad haikus" and, in regards to Lethem and Dalrymple's Omega The Unknown, "Nine issues in, and all that's been produced is something that's a valiant attempt to out-weird Steve Gerber and some great, downright fantastic work by Gary Panter. Somebody, somewhere, tell comics to stop trying to be cool. The fact that nobody reads the Bible in Williamsburg doesn't make reading the Bible in Williamsburg indy-rock."

The Comics Journal billed the following link as, "The Most Awesome Thing You'll See Today." Lo and behold -- the hyperbolic moniker actually fits! Click here for the awesomeness.

I know that if I try hard enough, I can find a way to blame Sex & The City.
Via Bookseller.com: More Women Reject Poet Laureate Post
Fleur Adcock and Ruth Padel, who have both been tipped for the role of poet laureate, have suggested that the post's responsibility of writing for the Queen was probably more trouble than it was worth, reports the Independent...Wendy Cope previously poured scorn on the post, saying that she "never wanted" to be laureate. "Personally I feel it is an archaic post and means nothing. It's simply not important," she said.