Monday, June 16, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Are the buying public lemmings, buzzards, or both? Tim Russert's books are #1 and #2 on

Perhaps he's disappointed that George Bush is contemplating an autobiography. I mean, why else would former Bush biographer and conservative evangelical Stephen Mansfield announce that his next book will be a pro-Obama tome?

Hey, maybe Mansfield's book can be the next pick in The Progressive Book Club, launching today. The PBC is an insular online book club, and the perfect choice for those of you afraid of ideas unlike your own.

Does a similar fate await us all? Via Anime News Network: Miyagi Prefectural Police officials in northeastern Japan have announced on Monday that they discovered a man dead in his apartment underneath several hundred manga volumes and magazines. They are investigating the cause of death and whether the 37-year-old male company employee is another casualty of last week's earthquake in Miyagi.