Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OMG! He's Totally Hot!!

Dash Shaw is this year's Craig Thompson, this year's Paul Pope, and maybe, just maybe, next year's Adrien Tomine. Not content to rest on his dreamboat good looks just yet, Shaw has released the year's most talked about autobiographical comic, Bottomless Belly Button. BBB is the story of a group of adult siblings coming together during the divorce of their parents. As naval gazingly meek and melodramatic as one would expect a book whose title has the words 'belly button' in it to be, Shaw's opus also possesses enough wit to keep the cringe factor to (nearly) nil. To wit, the book is available in two different covers: one of his mom, the other of his pop. He's forcing you to choose between them, too!
For a peak at random pages, click here.