Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book News, In Brief

After underwhelming the world with the Kindle, Amazon prepares to launch version 2.0.

All my life, I've been using comics to better understand reality. It's about time The Scientific American came around to my way of thinking: Comic Books from the Atomic Age: Using comic books to explore the issues and history of nuclear power

From "A forthcoming journal article in Psychological Science reports on the research of scientists...into what brain activity takes place while we read narrative stories. The study concludes that our brains simulate the action in the story, echoing it as we read." To read this story (which includes computerized brain scans!), click here.

Stephenie Meyer is a f**king crybaby. Publishers Weekly & The NY Daily News report: Stephenie Meyer is still annoyed that the manuscript of the latest Twilight novel was leaked online and she hasn’t worked on it since. Seriously, though. Did any of you try to read that thing? She literally takes book one of the series and switches a few pronouns in order to change the POV from Bella's to Edward's. If she's going to be 'annoyed' at anything, she should be annoyed at her lack of inspired ideas.