Monday, January 26, 2009

Inkwell Michelle's 30 Second Book Review:
Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping
by Paco Underhill

This isn't just a business book about marketing, it's an insightful essay about human behavior. Underhill stumbled upon a career in the "science of shopping" by applying ideas he learned from anthropology and environmental psychology to consumers. Small realizations about how people react to their environment (e.g. most people don't notice anything within the first few feet of a store's entrance, they're too busy getting their bearings) have big impact when used as a principle in store design. With humor and a brass tacks kind of writing, Underhill has condensed the massive amounts of data he accumulated through his company, Envirosell, into a pithy must-read for all people in the business of selling, and for anyone interested in human nature.