Monday, February 2, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Happy days are here again. Barack Obama's Australian publisher speaks on his recent good fortune.

A week ago we linked to an article criticizing Elizabeth Alexander's inaugural poem. For the sake of fairness, here's a pro-poem piece.

Who wants to be a millionaire minority? A self-described "Hollywood conservative" has penned a rich, White, heterosexual's tale of societal alienation.

The subject of this weekend's best online debate was: Should comics reviewers say whether or not they paid for the books they're reviewing? The Beat's Heidi started it on Friday with a semi-sarcastic 'pet peeve' piece she did. (She says that announcing how you get your comics makes a reviewer seem unprofessional.) Then, on Saturday, Comics Worth Reading's Johanna Carlson wrote a contradictory response. (She says that doing so is helpful to the reader and serves as a sort of 'full disclosure.') Commentors on both sites quickly chimed in with their own opinions...repeatedly.