Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rubbing Salt in the Wounds:
The Comic Book Industry Edition

Less than a week after putting a pillow to the face of indie comics publishers with a new, $2,500-per-item monthly minimum order, Diamond Distributors has laid their c*ck on the corpse's lips.
Via "Marvel Comics was named Comic Book Publisher of the Year and DC Comics received eight awards, including Original Graphic Novel of the Year for its Joker Hardcover and Trade Paperback of the Year for perennial bestseller, “The Watchmen TP,” at the 2008 Diamond Gem Awards."
But by handing out awards to their biggest corporate clients, is Diamond dissing the artistic merit of the indies? Not according to Diamond's PR peeps: "Diamond Comic Distributors’ annual event is recognized within the comic book industry as the pinnacle of sales achievement for comic book artists, writers, publishers and industry executives."
Oh, okay, now I get it. The Gem Awards are like the '#1 Whore' coffee mugs a pimp gives his top earners.
Congratulations corporate comics. I bet you're really gonna clean up next year!