Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book News, In Brief

London, like the rest of the world, is losing its bookstores. Feeling nostalgic, The Guardian UK has created a multimedia scrapbook of Charing Cross Road's legendary booksellers.

The Hipster Bookclub presents The Guy's Guide to Pride and Prejudice: "Kyle (Olson) reads Jane Austen's most beloved novel and learns a bit about women in the process."

The NYTimes widens the generation gap with an op-ed piece titled Click and Jane. It's topic: Is learning to read using a computer the same as learning to read using books? "I try to believe that reading online is reading-plus, with the text searchable, hyperlinked and accompanied by video, audio, photography and graphics. But maybe it’s just not reading at all."

A bit of fiscal wisdom from Conversational Reading: How to Publish in a Recession. "I've seen a lot of coverage in newspapers and magazines regarding the economic woes of major New York publishers...but I haven't heard much about what's happening with our many independent and/or small presses. Are they hurting too?" An ongoing series of interviews with indie publishers follows.