Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bill Clinton Talks Books, Indie Bookstores and Publishing

Galleycat has the tweets, twitters and other cloyingly-named soundbites.

Update! An excerpt from Publishers Marketplace's Publisher's Lunch email:
Appearing 30 minutes late (which is basically on time, but explains the delay in serving today's Lunch), former President Clinton noted that due to midtown gridlock, "I got to walk and virtually run the last five blocks" to get to the Yale Club. To the applause of the group Clinton noted in his introduction, "I'm the last of a dying breed; I'm still trying to keep our independent bookstore in Chappaqua, NY alive." When he got around to mentioning books again about 15 minutes later, Clinton said "I would argue that books are more important in the age of blog sites and tweets and whatever.... We need perspective and linear argument. That's why I think books are important."