Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comic Book News, In Brief

Having blown minds & tear ducts with All-Star Superman, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are returning this June with a new series, Batman & Robin. Or, as Robot 6 so eloquently put it: The Dynamic Duo (Morrison and Quitely) strikes again!

So you've read Watchmen, watched Watchmen, and eaten Pez from Watchmen. Perhaps it's time to try something new. Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader? recommends two other superhero-deconstruction comics: Rick Veitch's The Maximortal and Milligan & Fegredo's Enigma. Both are brilliant, but Enigma's my personal favorite.

Bob Temuka (real name withheld because he's from somewhere foreign) writes so many wonderful comics-related editorials that it's hard to just pick one or two to highlight each month. That said, picking his long rant against Superman Prime was actually quite easy. I mean, how often do you get to read a crass critique of a fictional 'jerk', much less one that compares DC's deity to Seinfeld's George Costanza?

Comicsgirl doesn't update daily, but when she does, it's well worth reading. Yesterday she posted a link to Anime News Network's Chicks on Anime, where comics artist Barbara Guttman described the differences in the way that women characters are written in American and Asian comics this way:
“(Heroines in manga) have to relinquish their assertiveness and their identity. So their fantasy tends to be about being able to be strong and assertive and not be called an unwoman for it. Sailor Moon gets to be powerful and wear a flowing dress and get the guy and no one insists that by saving the day, she’s castrating Tuxedo Mask.”
To read the whole piece, click here.