Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Month Has Passed. Time To 'Fess Up.
Did You See Your Query Letter On #Queryfail?

Last month, literary agent Colleen Lindsay hosted #Queryfail, an online cleansing ritual wherein she and her fellow agents spent the day sharing the worst queries they'd received.
Embracing the technology of today, the first annual #Queryfail was held via Twitter. Although this kept the posts to 140 characters, it did little to limit the laughs.
For those of you that missed February's query letter colonic, was kind enough to transfer all 89 pages worth to html. Now you can pore over the posts at your own pace, searching for your query.

But first, a few of my favorites:

danielliterary: Call yourself a "published author" when what you really mean is "self-published"? #queryfail

bostonbookgirl: My fav #queryfail ever? Sending multiple letters from prison about the book you want to write about how you were framed. For murder.

danielliterary: "I have written a 2,500 word novel..." No, you've written a pamphlet. #queryfail

_Starry: Title: "Preacher turned Porn Star," with cover mockup - #queryfail

_Starry: Handwritten query on scrap paper w/ eyeglasses ad...saying, "Sorry about the paper, we recycle" #queryfail

thegreatmissjj: Don't send me your manuscript and tell me to start reading at page 312 because that's "where it gets good." #queryfail

thegreatmissjj: If we've rejected your first manuscript, we probably won't be interested in the SEQUEL. #queryfail

Tracy Marchini: Pedophiles writing picture books to correct their past wrongs - #queryfail