Monday, May 11, 2009

Book News, In Brief

The tourists are coming! The tourists are coming! And if there's one question they ask more than, "Do you have a public restroom?" it's, "Do you have any new books about New England?"
(From the archives: 2007's New Books Set on Cape Cod)

Does the big G have a plan B? For several weeks, Book Square has been wondering, 'If Google's controversial settlement with the Author's Guild is rejected by the judge, what happens next?'
(Related: Google plans to scan every book in existence for on-line sale. Here's how.)

Christian Bale hearts J.G. Ballard. Having already portrayed the young J.G. in the film version of Empire of the Sun, Bale is now dropping hints that he might return to the author's oeuvre with a lead role in Concrete Island.
(Tangentially Related: Mike Doherty's Modest Muse: Author J.G. Ballard’s influence on modern music)

The Bookshop Blog asks, Opening Hours of a Great Bookstore - Is Less More? Full disclosure: I'm posting this in hopes that my bosses will read it and then re-write our schedules using those legendary, lax, European business hours.
(Also from The Bookshop Blog: Why Encouraging Literacy Should be Part of Your Business Plan)

Calling all Jo-it-alls! The Little Women of Jezebel are compiling a Glossary of Terms Inspired by the Ladies of Kids Lit, and they need your help. Example: Granger Danger: What one finds oneself in when they insist upon correcting their friends and acting like a general know-it-all on a daily basis.
(Thanks to ABA's Omnibus for the tip!)