Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crap-tastic Covers from Upcoming Comics

All New Savage She Hulk
Who's the target audience for a female superhero? You'd think the answer would be 'females,' but looking at this cover art...apparently not. Unless the females they're aiming for are gay chicks. But even then, they'd have to be gay chicks who are into poorly drawn green chicks, and that's gotta be a pretty niche crowd.

Youngblood #10
It's like a bad, 80's toy commercial: "Barack Obama, the President of Peace -- now with laser firing hand cannon!" Oh, and is just me, or is that the laziest likeness of Obama ever? The face looks nothing like our Commander in Chief's. Artist Rob Liefeld literally put a big-eared Black guy in a dress shirt and called it a day. (But I'll grant Liefeld this: He did give the Prez a pretty impressive package.)

Pride & Prejudice #2
As if releasing a comic book based on Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice wasn't risky enough, the publishers were apparently trying to trim down their potential audience even further with this cover. I mean, they were never going to convince Savage She Hulk fans to buy this book, but when they tried to sell an English romance/period piece as a modern-day Matthew McConaughey rom-com, they pushed away the self-described intellectuals and comics-curious Anglophiles, too.

If'n Oof
I'm including If'n Oof as an example of good crap-tastic. Featuring writer/artist Brian Chippendale's surreal blend of childlike cartooning and Parkinson's page layout, this is the sort of over the top mess that makes even the most jaded reader at least a little bit curious as to what's inside. Think about it. You look at the covers to the other three books, and you can pretty much guess what's going to happen. (Okay, so maybe not in the Obama book.) But with this cover, you don't know if you're getting hipster comics, a kindergartner's magnum opus, or both. Another key element on display here: The artist's enthusiasm. You don't see that in the other three, do you?
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