Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers

The Ready Steady Blog asks, When Choosing Words, Should We Eschew the Arcane? (Or, to put it simpler: Big words -- yes or no?)

An ugly cover, a minimally challenging message, and a one-note enemy. According to Vicki Kunkel, these are three of The 8 Primal Factors that Create Blockbuster Success.

This link is going to be a buzz-kill for everyone who'd hoped that writing would soon replace their 'real' jobs. The Creative Penn presents 5 Reasons Having a Day Job Helps Your Writing.

If there's one thing that every online writing site tells you, it's that authors oughta be blogging. But why? And about what? At last month's New York Round Table Writers' Conference, a panel of pros debated these questions, and Media Bistro took notes.

You've just received the first 500 copies of your print on demand autobiography, and you can't wait to start sending them out to family, friends, book reviewers and old high school sweethearts you're still trying to impress. Then you realize how much the postage is going to cost, and you instantly have the plot for your suicidal sequel. Ah, but fear not! WebComics.com has compiled 5 Tips to Get Your Ship Together.