Monday, June 8, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Wanna buy a bookstore? Borders UK is looking to unload its 51 stores.

While the Japanese are using cellphones to read and write original novels, Americans have taken Twitter to its newest nadir, using it write quickie encapsulations of pre-existing novels. And we wonder why the world thinks we're dumb.

Care to capitalize on a book buying audience currently being ignored by both Oprah and NPR? has found that fascists of all flavors are willing to pay top dollar for racist, sexist and xenophobic works of the 19th century.

Two unpublished Poirot short stories were recently found in Agatha Christie's summer home. Sure, this may not mean much to you or I, but to my great-grandmother, her pals at the old home, and the forever fund-raising filmmakers at PBS, this is BIG NEWS.

Cuz pirates are to the 00's what bi-sexual vegans were to the 90's: "The International Division of the UK Publishers Association has released a series of startling reports about worldwide book piracy--uncovering thousands of pirated print and digital books in China, India, Pakistan, and Turkey." To find out how the crimes break down country-by-country, click here.