Thursday, June 11, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Once a Terminator, always a Terminator. According to PW and The Times Online, Arnold Schwartzenegger Plans to Replace California School Textbooks with E-Books.

Tired of the constant fawning, endless prequel pitches, and neverending emails from Ugandan Princes looking for a temporary loan, Stephenie Meyer has shut down her MySpace page. Does this mark the Twilight of the social network's social net worth?

The Times Online again. This time, they're saying that as Ulysses is about 'ordinary folk,' it oughta be approached in an 'ordinary manner' in the classroom. (Even if you don't care about the article, click over for the photo of Marilyn Monroe reading Joyce. Adorable!)

In the gimmicky tradition of the heavily-hyped, instantly forgotten First Book Written on a Cell Phone, comes The First Book Written on Facebook. What's more, it's about Facebook! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzzzzzzzzz. (Someone wake me when The First Book is Tweeted on Twitter.)

Kimbooktu recently did a blog post featuring homemade, book-themed crafts that people were selling on Etsy. I was totally gonna steal the concept for my next Monday Menagerie, but then I remembered that somewhere up in un-scientific heaven, Jehovah and Satan are locked in a brutal battle over my soul, and I didn't wanna seem like I was picking sides.