Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Wi-Fi(nally): Barnes & Noble take a late leap into the 00's, offering -- wait for it -- free Wi-Fi!

It's not you, N.C. It's them: has joined in abandoning its North Carolina booksellers over the state's proposed internet sales tax.

i-Caramba: The online world is buzzing about Apple's newest gadget, the Tablet. Boasting a 10 inch touch screen, it's expected to take e-books where the the Kindle couldn't -- into the homes of average Janes & Joes.

Amazon Hawks Hate (And So Should You): I hate it when I have to take Amazon's side about anything, but truly practicing free speech and anti-censorship means selling sh*t you find offensive -- even Nazi books.

The Groupies Wear Corsets and Their Rider Requires Mead: Shakespeare's Globe theater company -- London's premier tights-wearing troupe -- has deemed the U.S. worthy of a three month tour. States and dates can be found here.