Friday, July 31, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We All Screa--
Shhh! This Is A Library, Dammit!

Summer sees a sizable increase in two things in our store: (1.) Folks asking us for book recommendations and (2.) staff sojourns to the ice cream shop next door. As if stalking us from afar, The New Yorker has news of a Facebook group which sorta blends both: People for a Library-Themed Ben & Jerry’s Flavor. A few of the suggestions/submissions thus far:

Writer’s Block: Coffee with fudge chunks and nicotine stains.

Chick Lit: Fat-free Peach-Mango swirl with pieces of Chicklet chewing gum.

Chexy Librarian: Demure vanilla on the outside, chocolate-covered cherries and Chex cereal pieces on the inside.

And here's mine:

Using the Computers to Upload my Amateur Smut Stories Crunch: Sinfully sweet black raspberry ice cream with long, sticky shavings of almost pornographically delicious dark chocolate. (Note: Best served in a cone or on a stick.) As an added bonus, the container will come with a wrap-around slip cover that reads: 'Just Looking for a Job Crunch,' and shows a well-dressed family man eating from a decidedly non-phallic bowl of bland, vanilla bean ice cream.

Got one of your own? Go here for the New Yorker article and/or here for the Facebook group.

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