Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Burger King is giving away toys based on The Dangerous Book for Boys -- as if eating fast food wasn't risky enough!

This is precisely the sort of news item I live to share: A massive methamphetamine network in CO was using collectible comics to front for drug profits. I wonder, could this have saved my local comics shop?

GalleySmith is planning a book bloggers convention for May 2010. As with every other book industry related event, potential participants have one question they need answered before committing: Will there be swag? Via.

Dan Brown has been named the Goodwill Ambassador to Goodwill stores. Okay, so that's bullsh*t, but a recent survey did reveal that the The Da Vinci Code author is Oxfam's most donated author, with John Grisham and Ian Ranking closing out the Top 3. Via.

The LATimes has a list of Obama's intended beach reads. Now you'll know what to carry around Martha's Vineyard while stalking him so that when you finally make it past the hordes of Secret Service and press, you can casually say, "Oh, what a coincidence -- I'm reading that book, too."