Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Flailing Writers

CopyBlogger has the 12 Things You Shouldn't Do When Writing A Headline.

Quips & Tips for Successful Writers has 5 Tips for Writing Great Conclusions.

Not ready to end it all just yet? Q & T also has 7 Ways to Write Introductions that Hook Readers.

The Buddha of brevity, Frank O'Connor, illustrates The 3 Necessary Elements of a Story -- in just two sentences!

On the opposite end of the economical writing spectrum, Richard Rhodes lists 5 Things An Agent Should (and shouldn't) Do...in eight sentences (and two parentheticals).

Whether you're setting a mood, delivering important information or developing your characters, the Heart & Craft blog finds Dialogue is the Writer's Swiss Army Knife.

My favorite tip this week comes from the How Not to Write blog. It's a simple, sensible bit of advice that all successful writers have had to figure out for themselves at one time or another, and now you, you lucky sons and daughters of b**ches, are gonna have it handed to you on a pixelated platter: Commit to Finish. Commit to Begin Again.