Friday, August 7, 2009

Go, Look: Super Punch

Super Punch is, to me, the new That is to say, it's my thrice-a-day stopover for links to cool gadgets, artwork, news items and book covers. (Dude's a mastermind at mining magnificent book covers!) The site's founder, John Struan, recently had a family medical emergency, one which included "copious bleeding, red herring symptoms, tentative hypotheses that blatantly failed to match all of the circumstances, and diagnoses made with confidence, only to be suddenly abandoned." Thankfully, the worst is now over -- well, at least until the medical bills start arriving. So why not help a good man out and head on over to his site? While you're there, make sure to click on a few of the banner ads that line his site, thereby providing him with a few cents contribution towards what will undoubtedly be a hellacious hospital bill.

Cuz we're all book nerds: A direct link to Super Punch's Book Cover Roundup. Now go, look!