Thursday, August 6, 2009

Multi-Format Adaptation News
(Cuz It's Not Just Movies Ruining Your Favorite Books)

Peter Jackson's film version of Alice Sebold's Lovely Bones hits theaters this December. Until then, this trailer will have to suffice.

James Cameron has been talking about doing a 3-D movie version of Yukito Kishiro's manga, Battle Angel Alita, since he released Titanic. He's still talking about it.

Doctor Who star, David Tenant, and Star Trek's Patrick Stewart are bringing their stage production of Hamlet to television. (Okay, so it's only public television. But that still counts!)

World War Robot, a wonderful comic by illustrator extraordinaire, Ashley Wood, has been optioned by producer/billionaire Jerry Bruckheimer. While WWR was a subversive satire of war and man's self-destructive tendencies, Jerry's last film was G-Force.

While we're on the topic of odd artistic pairings, Shrek 1 & 2 director, Andrew Adamson, is set to direct an adaptation of Lloyd Jones' award-winning novel, Mister Pip. Pip is the story of a Dickens-obsessed schoolgirl in the Papua New Guinea during a war between soldiers and rebels over copper mining. In other words, it's perfect for fart jokes.

Ray Bradbury's not nearly as protective of his literary properties as one might imagine. When USA Today asked him about Tim Hamilton's graphic novelization of Fahrenheit 451, the brilliant B said, "It's beautiful," then went on to say that he "hopes that a new movie version will be made in his lifetime." For a preview of Hamilton's comic, click here.