Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If Your Significant Other Works in a Bookstore, Send Them These Links. We Guarantee You You'll Get Lucky Tonight.

School Library Journal has the names & contact info of 75+ authors willing to visit your shop's book clubs...via Skype. Yes, there's always a hitch.

Vromans takes on the controversial concept of 'Free,' offering a list of ways in which bookstores might use it. Stick around for the comments, where Inkwell Michelle blabs our secret plans!

Green Apple Books has come up with a way of dealing with 'local authors' (i.e. demanding print-on-demand types) that is both sensitive and sensible. Needless to say, we're stealing it.

Brews & Books has a brief bit describing a simple Twitter technique indies can use to check out what books & authors folks are Tweeting about in their neighborhood. Turns out, voyeurism is not only fun, it's profitable!

The wrinkle-free faces at ABA Emerging Leaders continue to use their youthful energy for good, coming up with dozens of ways to drive sales in September. This changes nothing, though. I still begrudge them their lack of varicose veins.

Now go on -- get sexin'!